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social media privacy

Your privacy and social media-nude gone naked

social media privacy

In the virtual world, there is no county, no border, and even no passport. One can roam around like hitchhiker enjoying the good or bad. But, there are police, thieves, I mean hackers, spammers in the virtual world.

Social media has made it more interactive more lively and even more realistic. There are plenty of social media service providers, where they provide various tools and user friendly apps, which keep you connected with people worldwide.

As the service providers vary so does the users; there are users who have been using social media streams for business purposes and there are people out there who have been using it for socialization and fun.

Interestingly, there are users who are highly worried about their privacy on social media. It’s hilarious; isn’t it??

Just imagine you are standing on a crossroad naked; with closed eyes, hands on your face, thinking that no one is looking at you. How is it possible?????????????

Well if you can’t imagine then must find your lineage among ostriches, which believes everything is perfectly alright, head-deaden.

There are people who rarely or occasionally use social media, but are terribly worried about their privacy, like a religious soul who is really concerned about his illicit relation with a girl or guy. Strangely there are people out there who are addicted to and hardly care about their privacy, like a baby who roams around undressed.

Anyhow everyone is free to their desires, but moderate use of social media streams will be a safe way out. Who cares, if there is even extreme.

At first there is nothing private and nothing safe in virtual world, even the CEO Mark Zuckerburg himself, who is the guru of social media. Anyone, anytime, anywhere can sneak through your highly protected accounts, without your consent or notice. Alas! You must be worried about.

There is a new trend; I mean an increasing segment of social media users, they are toddlers-tots-children-kids-babies or whatever you name. One can notice a baby poking around in his/her diaper not their fault as their parents are more anxious about her pictures, videos and status updates rather than their meal and upbringing.

Considering some virtual facts social media users must define their own limits, to what extent they want to go and for what reason. Else, it’s an ending world, where one can easily lose the aim or can easily attempt-n- attempt, which is not under ethical sphere.

It’s high time to stay safe and care for others and the finest rule is to not run into religiosity, political crusades and viciousness of all kind, otherwise we all know “whatever goes comes around.”

Didar has a passion to write about arts, culture, philosophy, technology and tourism. He is also a cultural critic. He blogs at OINOMANCY. He can be reached at alee_st@yahoo.com

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