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Who is a real student?

By Adnan A. Jerov

Student is the one who learns things, not the one who passes exams. The truism embed in the adage “Success has many fathers while failure is an orphan,” is basically applicable to every society and situations and explains that the one (student) who is good at his studies, he is loved and valued by his family, friends and relatives too. But on the other hand, one who is not good at his studies, he is left almost all alone and ignored by everyone.

We are increasingly seeing cases where failure in exams is pushing students to hurt themselves. Some even opt smoking and drug abuse while some have even committed or attempted suicide. These issues caused by failure have been steadily gaining momentum with time.

I would personally like to give a message to those students who cannot bear up with this failure that a single sheet of paper cannot change your future. This article is completely based on my life as a student. I started to go to school at the age of five. I was, without any doubt, a top-performing student at school. As I grew up, I started experiencing several difficulties and academic problems.

However, in 7th grade I felt myself very low, like a car slows down against an acclivity.  But, I somehow hardly managed to pass my exam. My result of 7th grade results never satisfied me, but my family members, especially my father, my idol, encouraged me and said to me “My dear son, Student means- THE ONE WHO LEARNS THINGS NOT THE ONE WHO PASSES EXAMS.” This made me extremely glad and I clung to him. Now, I am doing my studies well at steady rate and keep thinking that one day I will be able to do what I really want to do. Additionally, I have made so many friends as I have spent two years in same class.

At the time of result day, I prepare myself to sing and laugh-out-loud. It does not matter if I fail or anything goes wrong. My bad result can’t even blend my hair. I will definitely not start smoking or any bad thing because I have my father’s words in my mind and also my will power.

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