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Where does Gilgit-Baltistan stand in the Walk Free Foundation’s slavery index?

By Muhammad Pannah

“Walk Free Foundation” is an international agency to declare unseen modern slaveries approaches which is used to control people for their benefits in all over the globe. It is fact that green and red revolutions have changed horrific slavery convention from the world, but in some autocratic countries still having inhuman slavery culture in the world, but the traditional slavery system has transformed in in to modern slavery through occupying the natural resources and engages poor people services to make more production in lowest wages. The former kings, feudal loads and warlords come on power through embryonic democratic practices and hold control whole their respective states natural and human resources for their maximum advantage.

According to the WFF, for modern slavery involves one person possessing or controlling another person in such as a way as to significantly deprive that person of their individual liberty, with the intention of exploiting that person through their use, management, profit, transfer or disposal.

“Walk Free Foundation” conclusion from all over 167 countries to find the modern slaveries with its professional researchers; they categorized modern slaveries in different thematic areas.

  • Political inequality (wherever powerful classes perform autocratic approaches through democratic practices to hold legal political power)
  • Labouring in maximum hours in minimum wages position
  • Human trafficking
  • Children labouring
  • Human trafficking etc

It is reiterated figure about our homeland Islamic Republic of Pakistan that it has ranked 6th position in the world slaveries index from 167 countries of the world, whereas its 20.8 billion of its citizens are breathing slaveries lives in the 21st century. The countries overall 69.5% of population are vulnerable in multiple socioeconomic injustices and differences.

It is my personal apprehension to know about self-independent region Gilgit-Baltistan region which is directly political dictate from Islamabad without political representation in upper and lower houses of the country. The region is freed from Dogra by the freedom fighters and imposed magistrate rules in the first political agent Muhammad Alam. The same political policies remain from federal political agent to chief executive and political powerless chief minister, today Gilgit-Baltistan council is the supreme to take decision regarding to 2 million populations the members on it are from federal government.

Gilgit-Baltistan territory comprises on 28 thousand kilometres square and it is natural resourceful region in Pakistan, its territory boundaries lies with different neighbour countries like China and Afghanistan. The federal government manipulate the resources without involving local voices in the Pakistan senate and parliament.

When I read “walk Free Foundation” survey and saw 1.8 billion are working under modern slavery than I wondered where my homeland Gilgit-Baltistan having 1.8 million population fall in the global slavery index according to the surveyed foundation.

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The author works in the development sector and have a passion to write about politics and international affairs.
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