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The importance of failure – betray your fears

By Didar Ali


Embrace your failure rather jubilate your successes. (Writer)

Whether it’s Ice Age, Stone Age, industrial or computer era, human being’s suspicion has remained all-time high when it comes to success and failure.

It’s not failure that is graceless, but one’s perception and discomfort attitude towards it. Being rational towards failure brings experience and opens horizons, which are indispensible for further development and growth.

Ironically, in the contemporary era, when human beings’ assertions regarding material gain are sky high, one has to face the cruel outcomes, even after their tireless efforts. Neither feel bad nor blame others; also, don’t curse your ill-fate.

The best policy to live a happy life is to expect less from others, as  Alexander Pope put it: “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” Just imagine you are on the verge of death, having a desire that someone accompany you towards an unreturning journey. Oh wait!! Who is going to accompany you??? If you are married and have kids, your kids will be the first to shy away then your wife will follow suit, showing her grief with some water drops, vice-versa. Or luckily if you are young or single, your mom and dad will perform some goodbye cry, and above all if you have girlfriend, she will be the first one to run away in search of someone better; no matter how much you have loved each other.  Just keep one thing in mind: no one is going to die for you, it’s you, only you who has to live and die for your own.

Never lose hope or feel ashamed upon your nauseating outcomes and results; just cheer up thinking that at least you gave it try. Make yourself believe that you tried, which is hard and almost impossible for many out there. Get control over your fear, you will minimize almost 90 percent of your failure ratio, once your make yourself understand that you ‘can’ rather you ‘can’t’ trust me; you will get there and achieve, which is an unmet desire for others.

Just imagine this world is a jungle, no doubt it is; you have to walk like a loin otherwise you will get killed by vultures and hyenas, which is a total disgrace. Live the living of an elephant and talk like dove, pigeon or parrot and love like a newborn or new arrival of the jungle. Again!! Don’t expect anything in return, neither any rewards for your prizefight nor even love.

If there is a ‘Plan,’ make sure you have at least one or two backup plans; this will help and expand your playing ground to switch from one option to another. Such trick will reduce the risk factor for disappointments, disheartening, and regrets for any cause. But work under specific objectives; don’t jerk around like gypsies, your defined objectives will help to hit the milestones of life.

Work hard, wait! Donkey is the sincerest creature on planet earth, which works the hardest, don’t be alike. Make a rough sketch of your plans, then work hard to achieve your desired goals.

To avoid the feeling of regrets, remorse and guilt, shun your act of misdeeds and reduce errors, keeping in mind that “whatever goes on comes around.” So pull up your socks and get ready for the worst rather dreaming that people will make you walk on red-carpet. If you think you are good in dancing in dirt then be confident that you are going to enjoy life at the fullest.

At the end one thing is certain, you will learn much but very much from your unsuccessful attempt, people will call it failed attempt I would call it experience.  If you have never made an attempt, you have never failed, if you have never failed, you have never experienced and if you haven’t experienced, you haven’t learned and if you haven’t learned, you will never succeed.

Didar has a passion to write about arts, culture, philosophy, politics, technology and tourism. He is also a cultural and social critic. He blogs at OINOMANCY. He can be reached at alee_st@yahoo.com

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