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Some hackers have access to my facebook account says Izhar hunzai


PTI leader Mr. Izhar hunzai said that some hackers also have access to their facebook account and has posted inappropriate messages and threats from his account directed at an individual named Afaq Balawar, whom I don’t even know. He said that “Those who know me will know that threatening to kill someone is far, far removed from my style, temperament ...

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How one public servant is using the Internet for governance in Chitral

Meeting for Peace with Aman Committee Members

By Qasim Ali: Not many of the public servants are familiar with social media. This era is of digital social governance where technology and social media can play vital role in governance. Social media is at the access of every individual all over Pakistan which can be used to run and monitor governance. Technology has made things very much easy ...

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Your privacy and social media-nude gone naked

social media privacy

In the virtual world, there is no county, no border, and even no passport. One can roam around like hitchhiker enjoying the good or bad. But, there are police, thieves, I mean hackers, spammers in the virtual world. Social media has made it more interactive more lively and even more realistic. There are plenty of social media service providers, where ...

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