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This Muharram, Gilgit gives peace a chance


Taimur Shamil This Muharram, Sunnis from Gilgit city vowed to protect their Shia brethren during the mourning processions that take place annually at this time of the year. This decision was the outcome of a collaborative process on the community level.Several meetings were held at local administration offices, mosques and other neighborhood venues to spread the word of peace. A ...

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Ashura marches peacefully concluded across G-B


Gilgit: Ashura marches peacefully concludes across Gilgit Baltistan. Ashura march was also taken out in Gilgit City, Nagar, Astore, Skardu and Ghangche districts. Army, Police, Rangers, G-B Scouts were present on security duties. Youth of the Imamia Scout were also on duty.  Army was put on security at Hunza district. Share this:

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