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Hunza and Mir- Past, Present and Future


By Amjad Ali Hunza Valley has become a brand name all over the world more prominently known as Hunza culture, Hunza foods, Hunza fruits and dry fruit, Hunza gems and stones, moreover, Hunza   is echoed for last many decades at different corner of the globe. Have we ever tried to question ourselves and find the answer? What are the factors that ...

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An analysis on the future perspective on Election 2015 in Hunza by Tariq Rahim Baig

Mountain TV Gilgit Baltistan

As the elections of 2015 in Gilgit Baltistan gets nearer the aspirants have speed up their political reconciliations. Some of the political representatives are trying to capture the public by exaggerating their political affiliations through social media.  It seems this time the public will provide tough time for the nominees of elections 2015 especially in Hunza Nagar District. Being an ...

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