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By Tashmin Hunzai Life is all about hard work, reward, success, achieving goals, self-satisfaction, having confidence about what you do, strong aims and happiness in what you do. from the beginning our parents and teachers teach us to be strong and give our best. We come up with many obstacles. One who will come with a better result will be ...

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Suicidal Tendencies in Gilgit-Baltistan and Pakistan

Suicide in Gilgit Baltistan

 By Nisar Ahmed Suicide is the act of hurting oneself with the desire to take one’s own life (Reyes, et al. 2015). It is a serious health issue and one of the major factor of death for people of all ages (Taliaferro, et al. 2012) The World Health Organization defines suicide as “the act of intentionally killing oneself” (Shah and ...

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