By Arfa Sadru

As we are born and fragmented into the Muslim culture and civilization. Islam, the religion of peace and divinity provided the sacred place to women in every sphere of life. It positioned women with the highest dignity. It placed a woman shielded and protected by her family and then her life partner. She has rights and responsibilities to contribute to the society for its betterment and women are to be treated and educated equally as men.

Throughout the history, women are being victim of ignorance and oppression in the society. She has been subordinated in the field of science and technology, medicine, history, literature and etc. In this male dominant society all the inventors, scientists and great rulers are indeed males. There are hardly few women who won Nobel Prize for their extraordinary work. These situations testifies that women had been desperately marginalized as compared to the man in getting education and acquiring other technical skills to compete the dominance of man in almost every field of life.

As a whole the status of women with in our community is different, her status depends upon the school of thoughts from which she belongs. Along with that their family, religion, culture and the socio-economic status  of all these aspects defines the status of women in our society.

In the context of Gilgit Baltistan there are some fundamental families who have narrowed the status of women by confining her only to the boundaries of home. For them, it’s only man’s duty to bring money and fulfill other needs of his family. According to them for women, there is nothing prior than helping her family so, women must serve her man and her family and her children. This so-called practice curtailed the socialization of women in their communities. Their skills and abilities are ruined by baking flour, cooking dishes in kitchen and raising their kids. Their unpaid and worthless services are not regarded in a true sense. In return,they are not well paid by their husbands and family in the form of care, love and recognition they deserve. E.g, many highly literate women are staying at home only to perform house hold chores because they are not allowed to go out and work due to social and religious constraints.

On the other hand there are also some liberal families who allow women to enjoy their social life working and earning some handsome salaries for herself and her family. Women who had reputable social status in their community, they have high self-esteem and self-confidence. They raise their children and their family in a better way and with a conducive approach. The well-educated and working women have tremendous abilities to cope with socio-economic challenges. They can guide their children for upcoming future challenges by making their personality bold and fine through her educated treatment.

Unfortunately, in our society the majority of women are not well treated at home and other work places. She had been perceived as weak creature of God who cannot defend herself from external threats. She had been molested and harassed in her working place and other spaces. Which causes threats to her dignity.

More else, pitiable women had also been victim of honor killing by their families to save their face from mishaps. In a way the fortune writer for women on this earth is man who decides for her, is she eligible to live a life or she might be sentenced to the death on her minor mistakes. E.g. last summer there were several cases of honor killings prevailed in GB. Almost five females were gunned down by her family in different parts of GB.

Furthermore, it is also been noticed that women is unequally treated at home as compared to the male members. All good stuff and food are to be served to the boys who are already physically strong and healthy. From the very beginning she taught to sacrifices her food and happiness for the sake of her brothers. As a result she confronted the deficiency of nutrition’s which are essential for her growth and wellbeing. With the passage of time this practice of discrimination is becoming weaker but it is not completely eliminated from our society it still exists.

Women must be protected from brutality and she must be provided a chance to be strong and proof herself as a successful citizen of the society. Strict laws are needed to enforce to ensure the safety of this neglected part of the society. Laws must also be introduced to save her from domestic violence. Suspects who threats or harass women must be held responsible for their wrong doings. Women must be encouraged to work for the betterment of her family and her society. We must join our hands to ensure her happiness and safety within and outside of her community.

Arfa Sadru is student of Media studies at KIU and Cultural Ambassador of USA through Global Ugrad Pakistan


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