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Nawaz Sharif will never understand Chitral

By Saifuddin Saif

My optimism nosedived when I watched the PM’s speech in Chitral today. This is the second time Mr. Nawaz Sharif came to Chitral without being properly briefed about the people, its culture and the high standards of education. The PM asked my fellow brethren whether they understood Urdu? Someone should have told him beforehand that Chitral has 70% literacy rate and it ranks in the top 5 districts in KPK, by asking the locals such a thoughtless question the PM clearly reveals his own ignorance of the local culture and its inhabitants.

To start with such laudable introductory remarks, the PM then goes on telling Chitsralis about different projects that his Govt. is planning to launch in the district. Apart from announcing that a new full fledge university will be established in district headquarters, which is of course commendable; he sticks to the same political rhetoric that one expects from all politicians. The Lowari tunnel project has to be completed one way or the other in any case in the next one or two years as there is not much work left to be done there. The road link to Gilgit and some other local projects were initiated by Gen Musharraf.

In a nutshell this visit will not be remembered with good memories in Chitral because of the PM’s non serious attitude towards the local community. This is highly insulting for the people of Chitral especially when the person who does that has had a reputation of being aloof from Education and Knowledge i.e. Gen Musharraf writes in his book “In the Line of Fire”,” I never saw Nawaz Sharif to even read a newspaper in the 4 years I spent with him, let alone making pro education policies”.

This is the level of our leadership at the highest post of the country and we still keep hopes of a better tomorrow. The PM should apologize to the people of Chitral for his words.

via Chitral Today

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