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phakker landslide

Nagar: Heavy landslide hits unpopulated area of Phaker

By Irfan Munna:

phakker landslide

Heavy landslide hit an unpopulated area of Phaker village in Hunza-Nagar district Thursday at about 11 PM, triggering irritable sounds and awakening people living in the surrounding area from sleep. Sounds of movement of the earth and falling rocks were heard for about an hour, residents of the surrounding villages reported.

Mountain TV reporter Aslam Pamiri reported from the area that landslide has not resulted in any causalities and damages to any part of the KKH and has not stopped the Hunza River.

The danger of imminent landslides in the nearby Miacher Valley had been in the news foer quite some time. The current landslide at Phaker has prompted fear among people of the area. It is pertinent to mention here that geologists had cautioned of a potential tragedy at Miacher, saying if the slope fails, a tragedy 10 times the scale of the one that struck Attabad on Jan.  4, 2010.

The mountain hills in Miacher Valley are loaded with cracks that look ready to give way. Failure of the slopes is likely to block the Hunza River, drowning a lot of adjacent settlements in its wake up.

The upper Hunza Valley witnessed a catastrophic landslide that also killed 20 people and sank hundreds of acres of land in lower Attabad. Landslide wreckage blocked the Hunza River, which led to the shape of a 20-kilometre-long and two kilometer broad lake that is now well-known as Attabad Lake.

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