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Karakoram International University (KIU), Gilgit
Karakoram International University (KIU), Gilgit

My crumbling temple

By Didar Ali

I heard MY temple crumbling!!!!

Karakoram International University (KIU), Gilgit

Karakoram International University (KIU), Gilgit

I heard that, there are ant-holes in the walls and floor of my temple, which causes water seepage

I heard that, the sparkling flowers of my temple garden have turned comatose, thorns and parasitical plants have grown tall

I heard that, the cats of my temple have left long ago and the rats are twirling everywhere

I heard that, sometimes shadows appears in the moonlight which scares the Dog, which is the only defender of my temple

I heard that, the birds have abandoned their nests and have migrated to new places, the atmosphere of my temple is saddened, and chirpings of birds are badly missing

I heard that,the curators have turned ostriches and vultures have turned curators

I heard that, the tallest tree of my temple has dried-up, because of termite, which used to stand against the Sun, to protect the temple’s beautiful painted walls and doors.

I heard that, the metal road towards the temple has been crushed by huge traffic and giant vehicles, now the visitors have shunned their visits

I heard that, the new sentry is actually a bandit who has stolen some precious books and the golden pen

I heard that, there are ruffians who have been snatching prayer-beads from temple visitors

I heard that, hyenas appear from nearby jungles; they yowl, search for carcasses and disappear

I heard that, the rats have their group and the ants have their own, so does the hyenas

I heard that, the cobweb is so thick that the visitors hardly see through the windows glass pane

I heard that, when it rains the drops seeps through the roof, which further weakens my temple

I heard that, the strong winds of winter has smashed all the candles against the walls

I heard that, the prayers, and soulful melodies have turned numb

I heard that, the temple bell is soundless as rust has snatched its blare

I heard that, the only nightingale of my temple garden slain by marauders

I heard that, It’s my temple, it’s my university, it’s the KIU which yens for me but I am frail, helpless can’t get there, can’t make the hyenas run away, can’t kill the rats and bring back the beautiful cats, can’t fill the ant-holes to stop the seepage, as they all have grown stronger and stronger with big mouth, sharp teeth, big bellies, and huge in numbers.

I can’t even give life to the lifeless flowers and trees as I am not the creator but like others visitors, I want the old days back, with true excitement, and affection.

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