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Mountains are calling but here is the turning point!

June 30,2016

By Amjad Ali

We the people from Gilgit-Baltistan living in the cities visit our homeland and native villages quite after a long time. There are many who visit after years. Some are called by the mountains some by their parents and some by their Mother land. Anyhow, whenever the locals go back to their homes they come across different changes there. New houses have been built, new markets constructed, children seen during last visit have grown up and changed, the middle-aged people look older and youth towards dusk. These are the changes which are tangible; we can see them, observe them.

Have we ever looked towards the changes which are not noticed for many years? Changes which have impacts on our lives and changes which decide how our future would be. I am hopeful; those who are farsighted have realized this change and felt the impacts too.

Whenever GB is discussed, there is a must  part which does not goes unmentioned, that is the deprivation of the area and people. Let us delete the deprivation phrase for now and focus on the positive and constructive angle which is going to bring good fortune for GB in the future, perhaps,I don’t know when but I am hopeful the time will come.

It is the youth of GB who is going to make  the future  of their Mother land bright and a land of love, peace, harmony and opportunities. I am seeing the change in youth, their visions are changing, and they are coming out of the false and ill doctrines  elements who do not like GB to prosper. They are building their characters and careers in a very rational, unbiased, focuse d and objective manner. They are uniting; they are going for healthy activities to strengthen their foundations of unity and brotherhood. They are now able to see the world through their own eyes, reflect through their own minds and speak through their own tongues. They have become of their own. Magnitude of political awareness is rising day by day, people are getting politically mature.

For GB this is a stage, where every single step must be taken very carefully. There is CPEC, there are demands of rights, there are international forces and  forces within our country trying to create more instability. Drawing clear, proper and rational lines is inevitable to give the generations a better GB. Whatever we do and say should not provoke violence, all our actions must lead to a peaceful and nonviolent atmosphere, and no doubt there is seizure of rights and deprivation of identity, all this must go with a planned and peaceful manner. GB cannot afford any miscreation, violence or any act out of laws of humanity from any side. Whether it is the state, state institution, NGO, Local Organization, any group or person, all have to be careful. Careful because it is a very crucial time and important as well to decide how GB would be in future, and only peaceful, democratic  and nonviolent processes can make it possible to produce better results, otherwise it would be not less than a misery.

Maintaining the rich culture of cooperation, brotherhood and unity is the responsibility of youth. It is very much necessary to look deep into issues and dig out the truth if there is any conspiracy to create misunderstanding between the diverse masses. It is also important to think and reflect rationally and unbiased. People from around the world come to visit GB, they should go back with the memories and message of love peace and harmony. Let them be your eyes, ears and mouth for your deserved rights and be a force to create ambassadors of your own.

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