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Little things

Curiosity is always there to explore new things, new places and above all new people to visit them and to meet them. I was curious to being in United States to see and seek the things that are tying large number of states and people together that everyone is in peace and have no regret for anything. It was my dream to be in a classroom with American students to hear them and to talk with them. I always wanted to learn that why this nation is so civilized?

Now, I have got my answer. To my mind essence comes from inner core likewise every positive result comes out from best educational system. They have educational system without discrimination of creed and caste, where every student has equal opportunities to present their views point. To them our opinion has great value. Acceptance and encouragement for little things we shared.

We do have our hands but our five fingers differ in size. Likewise Behavior patterns of American people vary from cities to town sides. People are more humble who lives in towns like Warrensburg. It gives us feeling of our own home. They live their own life without hurting others. They are ready to help us, ready to serve us without expectations. They can hold door open for us to let us go first. They give us snacks and candies for free. They are always there to take a picture of us.They smile in our face “Smiling in your brother’s face is charity” ~Prophet Muhammad~

They never complicate their life.If they like something they just say it kindly.  They love food and drinks. They respect for what we are. And they love us as we are their own child. They manage their time effectively. They do everything like dance, community serving, music, games and much more but still they give some time to read because they love to read books. As “reading nations are leading nations “.

I have learnt how to manage my time and to overcome the habit of procrastination.  I started more interaction and socializing with others. I came to know how to schedule my calendar. I have learnt little things and important things too in last couple of weeks to continue them for rest of my life and to utilize them in my home country. It’s not over, I am still learning. Because I strongly believe in continuous   learning and little things make big differences.

Arifa Sadru is a student of Mass Communication and loves to write about education, culture, politics, women’s right, and role of media. She can be reached at miss_oxford12@yahoo.com.

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