By Amjad Ali

Roads are been built and carpeted, pavements been furnished and underpasses been painted. Development regarding construction and at a large level destruction and then construction again in Lahore has become a hobby of Punjab government. It is appreciated, much appreciated and encouraged; Punjab government is doing a lot on infrastructure. Generally there are huge applauses for the progress which is visible. It’s wonderful to see all this maneuvers easing life of public. On the other hand, many deeds are awful too, which are hidden and invisible. Part of it come to the surface by the passage of time and major bits remain remains eternally hidden as only few common people dare to raise their voices and which usually brings a mess in their lives. Those who can afford to raise voice are the elites but such issues are none of their concern, why should they bother about the miseries of a common man? These are the concerns of a common man, already overburdened with the loads of social, economic, religious and domestic problems.

Taking the risk of raising voices and unearthing the invisible might crush them to the ground, so they keep silent and remain happy with the formula, ALL IS WELL. No one is against the development and beautification of the city and shouldn’t be. People expect the government to be as active and attentive in hospitals, schools, and other public offices as it is on roads and bridges. We are a nation under debt; it does not suit us to paint the underpasses lavishly, keeping schools deprived from walls, roofs, furniture, books and hospitals from medicines and better facilities.

It is said that the construction work is prioritized to benefit the near and dear ones and slip money in their pockets to compensate them for their struggle in elections and saving Pakistan from a big loss by strengthening democracy. May God bless them; give them the courage to keep saving Pakistan.

Muslim League (N)is as powerful in Punjab as MQM was in Karachi. Considering the power given by the public trust a tool to fool the same public drowned MQM. Mustafa Kamal raised voice against MQM and its leader. If we go a decade back, even thinking against MQM and Altaf Hussain was thought to be a taboo. Kamal stepped forward; people welcomed and are joining him. Those who were once kings came out on streets with broom in hands.

There are basic and public related issues in Lahore and Punjab as well. These issues should not be ignored. The kings of Punjab need to look into issues like health, education, unemployment and human rights violation. It is hoped that their kindness may stop the way of a Kamal in Punjab.

It is quite obvious from the past experiences that the political scenarios in Pakistan subsequently affect the politics in Gilgit Baltistan. Since the self-gained independence, the area has remained under the influence of the political parties winning the throne in Islamabad. In the general elections of 2009 MQM made a strong penetration challenging PPP and PML (N). People gave a warm welcome to MQM and its candidates competing and giving a real tough time to the candidates supported by the sitting government, especially in Hunza, Nagar and Gilgit. Though it could not secure many seats except the one from Shigar, Baltistan but it emerged as one of the biggest party.

Why the party from the sea shore got a splendid response in the mountains? It was because people were displeased by the ruling parties from decades who kept on fooling them and did nothing for the area development and constitutional rights. The public opts  for new tendencies and goes for options if not satisfied by the performance of a person or a party. A large number  of people from GB, especially youth is lives in Karachi and are many are associated with MQM as political workers .Mustafa Kamal has been an inspiration for some of them and  the political affection with this political leader can influence some regions in GB. No doubt, Mustafa Kamal will make a difference in the political atmosphere of GB as he is an inspirational and dynamic person with leadership quality.

Time will decide about the influence of Mustafa Kamal and his Pak Sir Zameen party in GB. Does he makes a direct influence or through aspirants is to see later. It is for sure that he will introduce his party and people will welcome him as they too are looking for other better options.

People of GB should welcome all those who can play role for their prosperity. Coming or going of any political person or party must be dealt in a way that should be productive. People can accept and reject, keeping the norms and values of GB at the top priority.

The blogger Amjad Ali belongs from Gilgit-Baltistan and writes on political and social issues for Mountain TV.

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