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Internet vs. fishnet
Internet vs. fishnet

Internet vs. fishnet

By Amjad Ali

It’s the second decade of the twenty first century and the globe with its dwellers has become a village which we call the global village. This global village has made many developments in science, medicine, engineering, social sciences, politics and many other fields. One of the most important and basic invention in the twentieth century which gave the world a new phase and speed of development is the computer, and then the invention of internet worked as an active catalyst in speeding the development. The World Wide Web covered the globe and took it in its grip putting everything in our laps giving access to the world sitting in one place.

Keeping and holding things in our laps are easy but what is difficult is handling and dealing with them, the same is with this modern and most affective and influential invention, the internet.

Almost 50 percent of people in the world have this global world in their laps in forms of PCs and laptops, here we focus an important group of people, the students, students who study in schools, colleges and universities. Let’s discuss some important points regarding the internet in our society and its relation with the students. Its uses, misuses, positive aspects, negative aspects and how can it be uses in a proper way. As it is said above that the internet gives access to every sort of information and the information is just a click far from us.

Now, what is the relation between a student and the internet?? It is a very important question; reluctantly neither the students nor the teachers and parents bother to look into this question and try to ponder over it. Young students are given the facility of internet but there isn’t any appropriate and proper way of monitoring in schools, colleges, universities and at homes. Taking help regarding academics and co curricular activities from the internet is and should be the only relation between the students and internet in my point of view. If the relation and use of internet goes beyond the limits of academic terms and co curricular activities then this internet turns into a fishnet which traps the students, it becomes very hard sometimes difficult to get rid of this fishnet. This trap divides their minds and pushes them away from their basic and main target, which is their education. Here it must be made clear that internet is very helpful in enhancing education career but only if used in a proper manner.

Internet when misused is more harmful type of media because one can have an access to it privately while other medias like television somehow are controlled, monitored and shared. So internet when misused causes more harm and disturbance to students.

A very serious issue for last some years which is questionable about internet is a blog or a website which is called the face book. Though there are many other sites which people may say are more destructive than face book, they may be right but I have taken this case because of its frequent use and setting new mores and values which are going against students and offering them the fishnet. The other reason of choosing face book is due to the craze of it among people specially students. Face book no doubt is something keeping people updated and connected. Helps people to advertise and market their products and other expertise. It has developed its own society on internet which we can call the internet or face book society or an electronic society. Unluckily this society is having some negative aspects besides some positive aspects. For me the most negative aspect here we find is the fake and unreliable environment, the shows offs and fake catchy stuff by the users. One more clarification is needed here that face book itself is not fake and not all the users misuse it, there are many who use face book in a wrong way. As far the students are concerned then we have to point out the negative aspects which attract them and disturb their lives and studies.

What happens on face book is people share pictures or texts about themselves or some other people or things. The questions rises here is, who guarantees about the authenticity and the reality of the given stuff by any user and the user himself, things are unsure here. Students mostly get impressed by such fake and irrational stuff. They think it is something real and rational; this attitude makes them follow such trends on face book. Even if we know someone and believing blindly whatever he/she shares seems quite childish. Believing in them and following the trends like show off, trying to look more fashionable, more smart, hanging out with friends, trying to get more likes, doesn’t matter how stupid they go, trying to get more comments, more compliments doesn’t matter whether people lie to them, trying to get more hits. This all provides a student a pathway to the fishnet. It happens because the start thinking that this all happening there is right and ideal. Once they set their minds according to these trends they start getting prey of the fishnet. This fishnet after swallowing them cuts their path from the important target, which is their quality education. They start spending their time rather most of their time using face book and following the unreliable and unauthentic trends, automatically they push themselves away from other healthy activities like sports, family company, reading books and co curricular activities.

This all results in a society where students value fake ideas than the real and valued ideas which have been practiced by their elders. This gives a product of students with minds empty with vision, rationalism, new ideas, creativity, philosophy because they are far away from good books, parents and elder’s company, social, cultural and religious values, mores and folkways. What made this drastic change if it is really happening or is going to happen, no doubt it occurred due to the misuse of internet, the misuse turned it into a fish net and it swallowed the students.

It is time to think and decide that what sort of society are we going to give our coming generations?? A real and valued one? or a fake and immoral one? What should be planned and paved so that we could have better society and save students from this fishnet. It is the responsibility of parents, teachers, educationists and the government to take proper measurements on this issue which is very serious and important. It is time to decide how to stop the internet in turning into a fishnet

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