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I always ponder that why am I learning

By: Ehsam Ullah Baig

The purpose of learning is to excel in life, and to make sense of the world around us, as it has been, as it is, or as it will be. Learning trains our mind, heart, psycho-motor domain, skills and, of course, it is vital for imbibing values to be able to lead a quality life. Learning is to be good and smart. Learning is to lead a liberated and meaningful life. Learning from every activity should be  a part of our existence. Modern procedures of learning must be tracked. There is immense room to change the learning trend in our society, the deep-rooted trend must be revised and the student must be delivered with prospects where they will be able to “think out of the box”. A podium for learning is important where the student is able to contemplate critically and analytically.

Grades and formal assessments have a significant part towards the course of learning. It has taken preeminence today, that is not only the problem of our students but students of other countries are fronting this problem.

What I think important is the character, personality, behavior, social interactions, hobbies and sports, etc., things that can help describe the essence of the students. Our education system offers all these things on a very minor scale.

All Pakistan Engineering conference (APEC) was held in December 2011 in Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI). It is an annual exercise that the  IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) GIKI chapter conducts, in order to promote a better understanding of science and technology , Business administration, critical and analytical thinking among the University, college and school students. I had honor of being a part of it.  For me the journey began when I registered myself for the conference. To begin with, I have come to revere the IET Team. I have witnessed the devotion and consistency with which they work.  We, the students, have been enjoying the fruits of their toil for too long. The facts remains that we owe a massive thanks to the institution and to the society (IET) for providing us the resources, the education and the exposure to further our common national ambitions.

The IET’s management of this declamation contest, in particular, has entitled them to the most profound of our respect. It provided us with the unique opportunity of getting to know students from other parts of Pakistan. Though there were people from different background, ethnicities and cultures, the one thing that brought us all together was Education (learning) and this broke all the barriers between us. We enjoyed the same perks and fear the same pitfalls. And to a greater context we thought alike. It was a great experience for me, to be able to interact with like-minded people.

The three day event provided a lot to me in yield. I won the “Best technical paper award” and I have published my abstract in an international journal.  IET’s conference was a turning point in my career. The knowledge I acquired in that conference is still building my career all the way. Lastly, thank you IET for exploring me.
Before placing a full stop, I settle my article with one of my favorite Quotes:

 Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
Mahatma Gandhi.


The writer is an undergraduate student, Founding Chairman of Mission “Taleem sab K leye”. He is the Director external affairs of IET GIKI chapter. Can be reached at ehsamullah11@gmail.com .He tweets @ehsamB.

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