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humans of new york help pakistani man

Humans of New York follower launches campaign to buy Pakistani man a new tractor

Humans of New York (HONY) followers went way out to solve the financial problems of a struggling man, Mr. Abdul Shakoor son of Mr. Abdullah, from Ishkoman (Ghizer Valley) who is working in village Passu of Gojal Valley in Hunza. After HONY published the story of Shakoor on its Facebook page, which has 14 million followers, HONY follower Amy Brant created a campaign for him on GO FUND ME. Within half an hour, HONY followers contributed $3,085 (Rs. 3,85,000) to buy Shakoor a new tractor.

Here’s the man’s painful story that appeared on HONY’s Facebook page:

Last month I had an accident that destroyed my tractor, and now my life has been ruined. I’d saved for that tractor for three years. When I finally bought it, I was so happy. Things seemed to finally be moving forward. I was working crops and making money. Now it’s destroyed, but I still owe $5000. I only make $120 a month, and most of that goes toward renting this new tractor. I’m still very injured from the accident. I should be in bed but I could take any more days off. I didn’t used to look like this. I used to care about my appearance and wear proper clothes. I used to eat proper meals. But I can’t afford any of that now. I have nothing left to sacrifice.”

(Passu, Pakistan)

The campaign $$$ are increasing at a great speed. The goal is to raise $15,000 to buy the struggling man a new tractor. The campaign can be seen at this link: http://www.gofundme.com/2th9y2tfrw

Thanks to the power of Internet. Thanks to HONY followers! Thanks to Amy Brant.

UPDATE: The campaign was taken down on request of HONY because they believe that it runs against their policy.

“I am sad to say that HONY contacted me and asked me to take the account down and refund the donations, which I have done,” said Amy in a message to Mountain TV.

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  1. Wow, can’t believe that this has traveled so far!! I am sad to say that HONY contacted me and asked me to take the account down and refund the donations, which I have done.

  2. Check the comments on the original Facebook post. You can still support Mr. Shakoor through Comprehensive Disaster Response Services: www . cdrspakistan . org / donate (sorry for the spaces, but this page thinks I’m a spammer…)

  3. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL WHO WISH TO SUPPORT ABDUL SHAKOOR PROPERLY AND SINCERELY. This matter is about much more than just a tractor. Please read and contact me if you have any questions.
    1) The CDRS Team and Muniba Mazari are coordinating together directly to support Abdul Shakoor and his Family. We are in touch with him daily and he will be coming to Islamabad next week for a full medical evaluation..
    2) Abdul Shakoor has requested that anyone wishing to contact or support him do so through the CDRS Team and to please not contact him directly as he is under a lot of pain and stress due to his injuries and is trying to rest.
    3) CDRS is the one and only organization authorized by Abdul Shakoor to collect funds on his behalf and manage his case. Any individuals, groups or organization who have raised funds for Abdul Shakoor or want to support him should work only through CDRS to coordinate efforts and provide the best and most focused care and to ensure there will be no wastage of anyone’s time, resources or services..
    4) CDRS registered as a social welfare non-profit organization in Pakistan for the last 9 years and is a US-registered and 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization. Donations to Abdul Shakoor and our other important Humanitarian projects can be made at http://www.cdrspakistan.org/donate (After clicking our PayPal link, a field is available for donors to write their instructions for exactly how they want their donation to be utilized. Donors can also choose a one time donation or a recurring monthly donation).
    5) I am the Founder and CEO of CDRS. I can be directly contacted at Facebook or my email (toddshea@cdrspakistan.org). Feel free to ask me any question you want. I am more than happy to send you any documents or information about CDRS that you my require.
    6) There are so many children and families who are in similar circumstances to Adbl Shakoor. We request your assistance with supporting other Human Beings who are suffering. CDRS gives you the power to make a difference directly to those in need.

    Thanks and God Bless You for Caring about Pakistan. And Thanks to Brandon and HONY for showing the real and beautiful and wonderful people of Pakistan who our media never bothers to show you because they are too busy showing 2% of the truth 98% of the time.

    Thanks for taking out your valuable time to consider supporting CDRS so we can assist even more deserving Human Beings than we already do.

    Best Regards,
    Todd Shea
    CDRS | Comprehensive Disaster Response Services