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“Help your self”-people of Gilgit Baltistan

By Amjad Ali



This is evident and an experienced truth about Pakistan particularly about GB, those who garbed the power by the vote of public have ultimately forgotten the promises made to the public. It has also been witnessed that once in power; they not just forget their commitments but also abuse people by the same power.

For last two weeks a bulk of information is flowing in the electronic , print and social media about the destruction occurred by flash and glacial floods  in the northern areas particularly in Gilgit Baltistan . There is a chaos among the people of GB all over the world. Single news about any damage or destruction follows hundreds of comment and remarks asking the responsible and concerned people and institutions to play their role to alleviate the sufferings. The remarks and comments vary from cool and calm suggestions to harsh and abusive compliments. Anyhow, there is a frustration and fury against the main stake- holders, mostly the representative who had cried and crept for the votes. Today they are making people creep and cry.



It is another truth that the representatives have limited power in GB, and those who hold the powers are reluctant to deliver due to many reasons. Let us assume the representative and Govt. officials are ready and willing to help. So what? They will do the same what they did with the affectless of Attabad and others areas. They still do not bother about the compensation of KKH, power shortage and many other issues which are manmade crises. They have hundreds of  excuses for their own created crises, and then of course they will have thousands of excuses for crises which are natural. They are pretty good in blaming nature. They will simply tell people to ask the Almighty.

We all realize the situation going on in GB is devastating, we feel the agony, we feel the sorrows, but, I am afraid the situation could go for more worst, if we still do nothing and keep waiting for the never coming angels to help us.

glof in gojal

At this stage people of GB cannot afford any strike any protest any harsh argument or statement. Because they are on the suffering end, expectation may hurt them more. They need a community mobilization at a large level and on urgent basis.

There is only one thing which can minimize the risks of such natural disasters. People should go for more and more plantation; they may ask the government to help them in this regard. Only plantation is the practical thing which can result in some better results. Local NGO’s need to play vital role in creating awareness, mobilize the local people, facilitate them to grow more plants. This is a way people can help themselves, otherwise there are very less concerns, no worries even if GB is washed away.

Keep aside asking and fighting for the rights, identity, CPEC and province status for a while and just grow plants as still there is an ideal season for plantation in many parts of GB.


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