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G-B assured of inclusion in CPEC

By Shabbir Mir

Gilgit: The federal government has approved the establishment of two economic zones in Gilgit–Baltistan (G-B) as part of the multi-billion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Lawmakers learnt this at G-B Legislative Assembly’s session on Tuesday.

“Two zones will be set up in G-B and have been approved by the federal government,” Parliamentary Secretary for Law Aurangzeb Khan told the house which was being chaired by Speaker Fida Muhammad Nashad. G-B Chief Minister Hafeezur Rahman was unable to attend the session as he was unwell.

“The regional government has been asked to select the venues and this will be done soon,” said the lawmaker in an assuring tone. Politicians and other stakeholders have time and again questioned the federal government’s resolve to include the region in the project linking China to the Gwadar port.

PPP’s Imran Nadeem expressed reservations over Aurangzeb’s statement, saying the establishment of an official body was a prerequisite for such zones. “The body has not been formed yet; forget about other things,” he said. “Normally, it’s the responsibility of the provincial governments to arrange finances for the economic zones.


Published in The Express Tribune, November 4th, 2015.

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One comment


    Historically Chitral has always been the part of Boloristan. Gilgit-Baltistan is a recently
    declared name for Boloristan. Gilgit Scout and Chitral Scout have always been through the one situation in the history and offcourse both the nations.
    Chitral and Ghizer people speak the same language “Khowar”. Khowar is also spoken many times in Gilgit, some times in Hunza and Baltistan.

    It is not known to the knowledge of the people of Boloristan why the government is trying to exclude
    Chitral from Boloristan (Which is not possible, because a nation can not be seperated). It may
    be because the government has a long term plan for two kinds of trade.

    1. To control the trade in the North through Gilgit recently (CPEC).
    2. To control the trade in the West through Chitral in the future.

    The government thinks that it can benefit from both directions regardless of what the nation wants.
    The greater effect of this government plan is only on Chitral.

    There are many advantages of this plan but there is a one major disadvantage that is even greater than the advantage for Chitral.


    Despite of the local factors of Chitral, the advantages are as follows:

    1. Increase in International Trade.
    2. Increase in employement.
    3. Improvements on all road links.
    4. Import and Export.

    To all of these advantages and many other may be, there are a few questions?

    Can an individual of Chitral benefits from the said advantages, whereas he/she can not obtain benefits from the current situation of its status?
    An individual who does not know his/her basic rights and does not have an identity then how can he/she benefits from the said businesses?
    If identity is not important then what is NADRA?
    When it comes to representations then What is Punjab (Punjabis but not lahori), Balochistan (Baloch but not quettawal), Sindh (Sindhi but not karachiwal), Khyber PakhtooonKhawah(Pakhtoon but not peshawari) and
    when it comes to Boloristan, individuals are represented by Chitrali, Gilgiti, Ghizeri, Hunzai, Astori, Chillasi, Balti. What is this?
    It means that the people of Pakistan want us to be divided or they are stupid that they don’t keep knowledge of the central asian people.

    Chitral has no national and geographical status in the current situation of Pakistan. And It has an enormous impact on an individual of Chitral which is represented in the
    provinces of Pakistan as Chitrali.
    This is a term which is used in Boloristan/Gilgit-Baltistan internally. This is not a word which represents the nation of Chitral.
    The person who decided to include Chitral in NWFP is stupid.


    The one major deficit that has been applied on the nation of Chitral is the “IDENTITY DEFICIT”.
    The people of Chitral will make accountable the government and other legal and responsible personnels for wiping out our national and geographical status entirely.

    Any individual of any category in any provinces of Pakistan can not accept Identity Deficit.

    Pakistan also came into being for obtaining Identity.

    Other Information

    The changing of the name of NWFP was an unfair move. Because it is the only move the government took in nationality issues and to balance this move the government modified the name of Boloristan
    to Gilgit-Baltistan.

    The effect of changing NWFP to KPK is to manipulate “only Chitral” in so many ways and to create a mask over Chitral that puts pressure on an individual to raise
    nationality issues.

    After then the goverment did talk about Hazara province.

    Is it fair?

    Well it is unfair and wrong.

    Suggestions to the Government

    The government should create 7 strong Big nations by making 7 complete provinces for strong Pakistan.

    These are the provinces the government should create or modify in its constitution.

    1. “Boloristan” consisting of (Chitral, Ghizer, Gilgit, Hunza Nagyr, Diamer, Shin Kohistan, Astore, Skardu, Ghanche)
    2. “Kashmir”. The government knows it well. It is a seperate context.
    3. “Punjab”
    4. “Sindh”
    5. “Balochistan”
    6. “KPK” Release Hazara and Include FATA
    7. “Hazara”

    Now they have a national representation such as

    1. Bolor Nation
    2. Kashimiri Nation
    3. Punjabi Nation
    4. Sindhi Nation
    5. Baloch Nation
    6. Pashtoon Nation
    7. Hazara Nation

    Is it now seemed good to have a strong nation of list rather than threatening your own nations?

    That is all!

    Thanks for taking time on such an important aspect of a nationality issue of Chitral.

    We are further waiting for government to take into account Chitral in GB’s Constitutional Status. Otherwise we will lost hopes off the government.

    Good Luck!