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Come On sir it is Just Hunza Water

By Nalima Amir

A lady at the dark night,  worried and terrified goes to the window looks out and comes back, trying to sleep but couldn’t sleep wandering when the apple of her eyes will come home so she can serve dinner for him; his father pretends that he don’t care but he couldn’t sleep as well..

Where is Gilgit Baltistan? Is Gilgit and Baltistan a different place? I heard that Gilgit is famous for its natural beauty, high mountains, great handicrafts, festivals, and polo games, rich and diversified culture. Is the KKH road 8th wonder of the world and is it seriously dangerous? I have read about Hunza Valley it was in our syllabus, people of Hunza are tall and strong. I have liked Gilgit Baltistan page on face book and is the story of the international Ghost true have you seen them? I have read all the books of Tarad and other authors it’s my wish in life to once visit Gilgit Baltistan see the Hunza forts and go to the top of China Boarder enjoy the nature and especially the fresh fruits of GB and you know I am coming to Gilgit Baltistan for hike and the question continues..

This is what people ask me when I introduced myself as a GB folk and I believe every individual from GB faces these questions whether within Pakistan or abroad well  I Suppose only a GB folks can bear all these questions right.

But last day I had a different experience when I was in a session, as usually I introduced myself as a GBian, During the session break a man came to me and talked about the hike tracks, rich culture and so many things in fact which I was unaware of, he had a lot of knowledge about GB he showed his eagerness and how much he is found to visit GB, and asked a lot of question to me too and suddenly he start talking about alcohol drinks and bars and I was shocked to hear that and  he  exactly  took  names of the places where you can easily access it and I told him no no its not true all you heard about drinks is wrong information you have got, he was so confident about his information he clearly said no my friends have been there they have experienced all it. I was totally amazed to hear it and I excused him and went away….

This reminds me of another session one year back a seminar was arranged for youth especially for the students of GB and Chitral, a well known motivational speaker was invited from Karachi to facilitate the Youth and I was so inspired he talked so good about every aspect of life and how as a youth we have to play our roles in the development of a society. During his conversation he talk about different places and he went to Gilgit than as reached Hunza he spoke about how much he has enjoyed the hospitality , the fresh fruits particularly . He had great sessions with youth of Hunza related to the use of Drugs and more he said as the session ended one of the student offered me alcohol and as I refused he said come on sir it’s just HUNZA WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t think about it in that time but this time it was alarming, that now this is how people will perceive our society now people will visit our area because they have come to know that they have bars over there which is legal or what??

Well it’s a fact that from some years the ratio of using drugs is getting higher in GB, for that a lot of campaigns and awareness sessions have been conducted and is in process to reduce the ratio. But as the session ends they people goes to their daily routine, “Ohio man this session was headache, please pass me a stick of cigarette” and they literally hate those people who give  them advices or speeches and I have seen the more sessions have been arranged they more our youth is isolating from social events.

Specifically in weddings it’s becoming trend, that youth consume alcohol. This is what we are going to pass to our next generation or is it becoming part of our tradition. I fear if we don’t stop this thing it definitely will become part of our culture.

What happened 40 days back was just a dance with the dead for the people as Didar Ali has beautifully explained in his article, but for the families it was the most dreadful day ever

A mother who was unable to sleep, if her son was late home but now she has lost her life, from her womb to birth, she almost died giving birth to him, she took care of him like crazy, if he cried, she cried if he didn’t sleep she went sleepless, if he was suffering from even temperature she went restless till he gets in good health again.

A father who worked so hard so he can provide each and every basic necessities to his son, who has planned for his good education so he can compete with the world with education and he sent his son far away from himself and his mother so he can  have a better life..

A brother has lost his best friend, his pride, his guide, his inspiration and his strength of life now he is all alone heartrending and depressed.

A grandfather lost his grandson who was the hope of his life, his breath and he was sure that my grandson will bury me and what happened contradicts it.

What was fault of the new bride who was just back from her honeymoon, planning to spend her entire life with him, with new hopes and new beginning, who has promised him to be with him in all his good and bad?  Now where is he???

A Sister who was always happy that his brother is there to help her in every sphere of life, he was the one to whom she used to tell her secrets and fulfill her all demands, with whom she always felt secure and confident.

All these happened because our youth is using such drinks as a source of amusement or we are copying west or we are trying to show we are in the transition of development or what?

Well our youth needs to understand these things.

I know nobody is going to read this if anybody read so, every second person or may be everyone will criticize me for writing this piece, because I am suppose to hide such things right..…its best to hide such issues ,come on guys now that’s enough it’s not hidden anymore our youth needs to understand these things.

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