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Attabad Lake
Photo Credit: Irfan Munna

Climate Change brings sufferings

By Amjad Ali

The sound of a child’s cry broke the moments of joy while I was at Attabad Lake,my home town at Shishkat Gojal Hunza. This view of the scenic and eye catching lake between the mighty ranges of Karakorum is not less than a paradise. As the sound of the child’s cry goes louder, the far I go from the natural feeling stimulating agony and anxiety. The cries go so louder that it echoed back from the mountains and I decided to see what is going on out there .

I found a child aged around 12 years old crying and his father standing beside him trying to ease him. You may think why I am telling this boring story. You may be right as I too was much curious about the loud cry which was polluting the peaceful environment but you will be surprised and astonished to know the cause of the boy’s cry.

He was crying standing on the ruins of his house submerged in the Attabad Lake in 2010. He was crying as he was missing his home. He was arguing with his father that he want his house to be built again at the same place and his father was convincing him to make him realize about the reality that it is impossible. His father too was with tears in his eyes, I inquired why he is crying. He with a very deep sigh and almost full of tears in his eyes replied, “I am not worried about my house like my son, I am worried about my son, his son and his son. I can see the lake water rise year by year; I can see the glaciers melting more as compared to the last many years.”

Pointing to the mountain with snow peak just above the village, now with a louder but shaking voice tried to show me how the snow is decreasing at the peaks. He was true, I too have heard many times from my father and grandfather that in their earlier times,the mountain peaks were all dressed white. He again started telling me his agonies. This year spring arrived earlier than it is expected every year, fruit trees are not much productive due to changes in weather, I don’t know what’s wrong with the seasons and the weathers. I am afraid, very much afraid about our lives and survival.

I realized, deeply realized, the agony and pain of the child is larger than my the disturbance I felt, because of his cries, and his father’s pain is larger than his son’s cries. Why? Our future is on stake, our survival is on stake and our lives are on stake. It is really something to worry about.

Is it enough to just worry about this serious issue? No, it is not enough. A very sensible and practical approach is needed to make actions to stop these climate changes. It is not a story of the man and boy, it is the story of all the people on this globe, and everyone is suffering by the climate changes and its harsh consequences.

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