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CPEC ambiguity


LAHORE: Every segment of society has welcomed China’s generosity on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), but the project continues to be under threat from quarters that are deliberately and secretly trying to hurt the two nations’ interests. Inter-provincial wranglings, the reservations of the smaller provinces, the government’s less-than-transparent attitude on the CPEC, the close ties between India and Iran, and some ...

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LUMS alumni named among top AI researchers to watch


Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) alumni Haris Aziz has been named among ‘AI’s 10 to Watch’ by the IEEE Intelligent Systems magazine. ‘AI’s 10 to Watch’ acknowledges 10 researchers who are upcoming professionals in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), an official statement said. The former graduate, BSc (Honours) 2003, was listed for his research in the field of computational social ...

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China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: A boon for the economy, a bane for locals

bridge in skardu

ZOFEEN T. EBRAHIM Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region is frequently in the news these days, but not necessarily for its mouth-watering cherries and dried apricots. The much touted US $46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will be pass through this beautiful province in the north to reach Chinese-operated Gwadar port in the country’s south. While there is hope it will transform the ...

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How the residents of Shimshal are setting a shining example for Pakistan

solar in shimshal valley

NOOR PAMIRI When I arrived in Hunza’s Shimshal Valley, I was surprised and delighted to see happy locals dressed in colourful and modern winter attire. What was more amazing were the concrete reinforced houses and satellite dish antennas everywhere. It signalled a makeover that I found difficult to associate with this remote region of Pakistan. But, what left me absolutely ...

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Integrated regional efforts required to heal air quality in South Asia, experts


By: Ahsan Jamil “As many as 45 brick kilns in surrounding areas of Islamabad have closed down after close monitoring by Pakistan – Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) and found guilty of violating the regulations prescribed by the agency and discharging greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, toxins such as black carbons and other hazardous components polluting the city`s air,” Zahid Hamid, ...

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Asking for rights in a right way


By Amjad Ali When it comes to demonstrations in Pakistan, protesters typically smash and break properties, block the roads and halt the traffic. And then there are the authorities that rarely come for a peaceful and productive dialogue with the demonstrators.Typically, police arrives and beats the mob to disperse them, and then the issue that triggered the protest remains unresolved, ...

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پاک چائنا اکنامک کوریڈور، اور سوست کے مسائل


  Written By: Munir Uddin آج کل پاک چائنا اکنامک کوریڈور زبان زد عام ہے پارلیمنٹ، ٹی وی چینلز،اخبارات،نجی محفلیں ہر جگہ یہی موضوع زیر بحث ہوتی ہےاور ہر کوئی اپنی استعداد کے مطابق اس پر بات کرتا ہوا نظر آتا ہے، اربوں ڈالرز کا یہ پراجیکٹ پاکستان میں معاشی انقلاب لا سکتا ہے اور لوگوں کی تقدیر بدل سکتی ...

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A rare opportunity for Gilgit-Baltistan

shabbir mir

By Shabbir Mir Like other parts of the country, Gilgit-Baltistan has also been plagued by the ‘CPEC fever’ these days. While the project is still in its infancy and details surrounding it continue to be sorted out, it seems that the opposition parties feel duty-bound to pass a comment on it on a daily basis, painting a bleak picture for the region with ...

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Will the NHA, Hunza district administration pay heed to the hue and cry of KKH project victims?

gulmit gojal hunza

Projects under the much-celebrated China-Pakistan Economic Corridor have just kicked off and people in the power corridors have their eyes focused on the expected economic benefits of the CPEC projects for Pakistan. However, Islamabad has continuously overlooked any rational voices attempting to bring to their attention the bad governance factors that might push the economic corridor worth $46 billion into ...

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Why Pakistan is unlikely to change present status of Gilgit-Baltistan region


By Sameer Yasir  Despite pressure from the Chinese government, Pakistan is unlikely to change the constitutional status of the Gilgit-Baltistan region, which is also claimed by India as part of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir. The reason is that it would encourage PoK to demand the same status and it will put India and Pakistan on a fresh collision ...

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