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GLOFs and flash floods: People of Gojal Valley live under constant fear


The effects of climate change have started to take a huge toll on the livelihood and quality of life of the people of the mountain areas of Pakistan. Since the last 6 years, Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs) and flash floods have been posing a serious threat to a number of villages in Gojal Valley (Upper Hunza), damaging agricultural lands, infrastructure, homes and triggering food insecurity ...

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Innovative approaches must to strengthen Pakistan against natural disasters

flood in gojal valley

By Ahsan Jamil Globally, millions of structural and non-structural losses are incurred due to natural disasters triggered by variety of reasons and competent authorities of respective countries are compelled to spend a huge proportion of their economy in lieu of disaster reduction activities to minimize the threshold of impacts of those disasters whether those are in form of earthquakes, tropical ...

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The winter of discontent


SARA FARID This winter has found the residents of Chitral unsettled, after the unlucky vale was ravaged by not one but two natural calamities in 2015; floods and earthquakes. The damage could have been far worse; the villagers of Charun Oveer mostly build houses out of mud and stone so they are easy to rebuild. But most villagers say they’ve ...

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How the residents of Shimshal are setting a shining example for Pakistan

solar in shimshal valley

NOOR PAMIRI When I arrived in Hunza’s Shimshal Valley, I was surprised and delighted to see happy locals dressed in colourful and modern winter attire. What was more amazing were the concrete reinforced houses and satellite dish antennas everywhere. It signalled a makeover that I found difficult to associate with this remote region of Pakistan. But, what left me absolutely ...

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Community mobilization indispensable to increase water resilience in Hunza

water in shimshal valley

By Ahsan Jamil Multipronged approaches are fundamental to cope with the existing water challenge for the communities of Hunza valley. The valley brims with water resources including rivers, glaciers, springs yet climate change enters as spoiler and causes freezing of tap water and lakes that account for domestic and agricultural use. The resilience of local communities can be boosted to ...

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Effective water stewardship vital to address water challenges in Hunza

water in hunza

By Ahsan Jamil Nothing is more painful than having the source and yet not utilizable, a treasure in an unreachable depth, good for nothing. Hunza valley experiences the identical situation as far as the water availability is concerned throughout the year. There are plenty of water sources in the valley; glaciers topping the list, precipitation, river water, and the spring ...

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Pakistan facing climate ‘calamity’ if warnings go unheeded


By AFP KARACHI: Karachi, 2050: The sprawling megacity lies crumbling, desiccated by another deadly heatwave, its millions of inhabitants suffering life-threatening water shortages and unable to buy bread that has become too expensive to eat. It sounds like the stuff of dystopian fiction but it could be the reality Pakistan is facing. With its northern glaciers melting and its population surging — ...

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Adapting agriculture to climate change must for achieving food security in Gilgit-Baltistan

climate change

By Ahsan Jamil Over last several years, steadily surging temperatures in different mountain valleys of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) region in Pakistan’s north have increased frequency and intensity of natural disasters, particularly reduction of agricultural land due to rivers expansion, and flash floods due to rising number of glacial lakes that have touched more than 3000 as of now. This has put ...

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Nightmare is over: Attabad Disaster Reflection

PC: Faiz Ali

Tariq Rahim Baig I should neither congratulate on the opening of new tunnel at Attabad area nor should I deny the hardships, that have been faced by the people of upper Hunza, Gojal. We should be thankful to God almighty first then those who in any aspects contributed for the people of the area. What has been done, the hardships ...

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