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Be the change you wish to see in the world

Pakistan is an inopportune country with a lot to deal with in terms of poverty, unemployment, natural calamities and now the war on terror. Education itself is a problem which needs to be addressed very proficiently. The academic situation in Pakistan is not encouraging with a lot of factors affecting its progressing atmosphere. Amongst the most recent, is combating, terrorism because of which hundreds of thousands of people have become internally displaced, they have been forced to live away from their homes, as the operation Zarb-e-Azab continues. The state is therefore burdened not only with defense expenditures but also with providing these victims with basic necessities of life like food shelter and clothing.

So far, 44,633 families have crossed over from North Waziristan Agency areas of operations. More than one million people are internally displaced from the war-torn regions. According the United Nations, 45% of the affected are between the ages of 8 to 25years.. Most children at IDP camp in Bannu have missed their annual exams in their schools of origin. Consequently, many children may lose a complete academic year. It is crucial therefore, that children, do not drop out of academics permanently. In the long-run if this necessity is not looked into it might lead to crime and feeling of isolation amongst this segment of the country.


Ehsam ullah Baig is a Pakistani undergraduate student and a young philanthropist striving on the mission, awakening the need of education in the society as he mobilizes the youth of Pakistan while he works along his cause. Although, he is an engineering student but germs of activism, flow with constant craving to aid humanity in him.  Therefore, he has been working voluntarily for many International nonprofit-organizations operating in Pakistan as youth facilitator and career counselor. He has been a motivational speaker, and has also been awarded young researcher awards nationally. To further augment his optimism in social work, he has currently established a nonprofit-organization known as Pakistan Innovation Summit for Education-PISE. The organization desires to conduct educational sessions and make resource centers in remote areas of Pakistan like Khyberpakhtoonkha, Gilgit-Baltistan, Baluchistan and Kashmir.


Pakistan Innovation Summit for Education-PISE is voluntary, non-profit, non-religious organization operated by a group of students. The organization has been in existence for two years now. This organization forms its basis on the very idea as to how society can cater to the needs of education from within itself, thus deriving its name from its purpose as ‘PISE’ (Pakistan Innovation Summit for Education). Its primary purpose is to work in the very remote areas of Pakistan. PISE is the sole, one of its kind- a student group organization in KPK and Gilgit- Baltistan operating within the communities by using its own resources. The organization comprises of skilled and competent members working on voluntary basis and, has successfully managed to carry out its activities in its targeted localities.


The organization’s recent point of convergence is the IDP’s. In the very context of the operation Zarb-e- Azb, which is operating to combat terrorism, it has been thought of as a matter of extreme importance by PISE to help and inspirit the internally displaced people who are undergoing sufferings. Therefore, team PISE has undertaken the responsibility to enlighten them with the spirit of education in order to keep them as updated as the rest of the country is.

Education for these internally displaced people is essential, both as a human right enshrined in international law as well as a component of the peace-building process. In emergency situations where the State fails to provide education for IDPs due to other upright priorities, the community, though not legally obligated, maintains an ethical responsibility to ensure that IDP’s education is given the importance as an integral component within the humanitarian assistance framework. The social and psychological benefits that education provides to IDPs give additional support to this matter. Furthermore, displacement is a crucial time of transition and vulnerability not just for children, but for youth and adults as well; failure to incorporate youth and adult education as a standard component during displacement is a detrimental omission in the quest to secure sustainable peace and initiate long-term development.


In response to their educational needs and challenges, they have taken an initiative and are our currently undertaking a project named “One book, one idea and One rupee”. They have prudently pictured the idea in the very name of the project. The “One book, One idea and One rupee” project is initiated to cater to the educational requirements of the children of internally displaced people at Bannu Camp. The resources collected will be used to furnish the resource center at Bannu Camp and providing stationery for the students. PISE representatives will be running the campaign for the project in different institutes after seeking permission from the management of the institutes. The “One book, One idea and One rupee” project aims at collecting 1 Rupee, 1 idea and 1 book from individuals who are willing to contribute for the cause.

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