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Aliabad shooting incident: Court sentences three people to 10 years in prison

courrt decision

News Desk A court has sentenced three people involved in the 2011 Aliabad, Hunza, incident to 10 years in prison, reports said Monday. The verdict was reportedly announced by Justice Syed Faisal of the Anti-Terrorism Court No. 2. The convicts have been identified as Mohammad Ali, Riaz and Shams. They were booked along with dozens of others for a number ...

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Formation of new districts: Wazir Baig expresses disappointment with GB government

GBLA Speaker Wazir Baig

News Desk The Speaker of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA), Mr. Wazir Baig, has expressed his disappointment over the long stalled matter of new districts formation in GB, saying he does not see new districts materialize in the near future. Mr. Baig (PPP-Hunza) also accused the GB government of exercising lethargy on the issue of deciding the head quarter of Hunza-Nagar ...

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Yousaf Numberdar: ‘Mehdi Shah has damaged the party more than Ziaul Haq’

mehdi shah

News Desk A day after the resignation of complete cabinet of Pakistan Peoples Party, Skardu, the party’s president for the district, Yousaf Numberdar, has accused GB Chief Minister Minister Mehdi Shah of damaging “the party more than the former military dictator Ziaul Haq.” In an extraordinary move, the cabinet of PPP Skardu chapter sent their resignations to the party chairman, ...

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Chilas incident: Intelligence officials pick 22 students from Gujranwala seminary

madrassah cap

News Desk Intelligence officials have reportedly picked up about 22 students from a seminary in Gujranwala to question them about the murder of two army officers and a police official in Chilas. At the time of their murder, the security officials were investigating the June 30 massacre of 10 foreign tourists and their Pakistani guide near Nanga Parbat base camp. ...

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Interior ministry issues terror alert to GB government


News Desk The federal government has issued a terror alert to the government of Gilgit-Baltistan, saying militants can attack passenger vehicles on the main road connecting Gilgit with Ghizer. The interior ministry asked the GB government to boost up security on the road. In its letter to the GB government, the interior ministry warned that sectarian clashes in the region ...

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Richard Olson: ‘Washington would finance Diamer-Bhasha Dam’

News Desk US Ambassador to Pakistan, Richard Olson, has said that his country would provide funds for construction of Diamer-Bhasha Dam, a project in the first round of construction on the River Indus in Diamer, Gilgit-Baltistan. Mr. Olson made the comments during an interview with Pakistan’s state-owned TV channel. The US ambassador said Washington intends to help Pakistan overcome its energy crisis. He ...

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Extortion in Gojal: Local administration officials rip off shopkeepers, restaurant owners


News Desk Local administration officials in Gulmit collected money from shops and restaurants in the name of “fine for selling expired products” on Friday, Mountain TV reported. The magistrate, assisted by another official and two policemen, raided shops, claiming that they were inspecting the sale of expired products, an issue the locals have also complained about lately. According to shopkeepers ...

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How safe is your son from the use of drugs in upper Hunza?

Hash smoking has shot up among young men of upper Hunza in recent years

By Elwina The use of drugs has increased in Hunza valley over the years, especially among young men of upper Hunza. Observations suggest that a majority of the young men are either unaware about the actual and potential adverse impacts of the use of drugs or they ignore the impacts all together even after being aware of them. According to ...

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Women economic empowerment: A case from upper Hunza

women entrepreneur

The short film was produced by the trainees of digital social governance under a workshop conducted by Mountain Youth Resource Organization (MYRO), a youth led organizations, in upper Hunza. Twenty four (24) participants, including 13 young men and 11 young women, hailing from different villages of Gojal valley, were trained in using cell phone cameras to capture issues affecting their ...

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Authorities arrest key suspect in Chilas murder incident

Security forces in Chilas

News Desk Authorities claimed on Thursday that they have arrested the alleged mastermind of the Chilas terrorism incident that left dead two army officials and a police officer probing the murder of 10 foreign climbers and their Pakistani guide near Nanga Parbat. Sources said that Hamidullah, who is allegedly involved in the killing of Colonel Ghulam Mustafa, Captain Ashfaq Aziz ...

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