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English Newspaper of 50s

Newspaper of 50s

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Shri Badat – The Cannibal King : A Buddhist Jataka from Gilgit

Shri Badat The Cannibal King

by John Mock, Ph.D. Abstract In proposing a new interpretation of a legend from the town of Gilgit in northern Pakistan, this paper makes three central points. First, positing a historical specificity for legends is often neither relevant nor valid. Second, the reasons why folklore is meaningful to people in a specific locale should be sought within the local context. ...

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Taliban commander Adnan Rasheed urges Malala to return home, seek education in Madrassah


In a letter written to teen activist Malala Yousafzai, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan militant Adnan Rasheed has claimed she was not targeted for her stance on education, and urged her to return home and seek education at a local madrassah. Rasheed, the “prime target” of the Pakistani Taliban during the breakout at Bannu Prison last year, is a former member of the ...

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Landslide killed Chines Engineer

GILGIT: A Chinese engineer and a local worker were killed as a result of a landslide near the Attabad Lake, Express News reported on Tuesday. Both the labourers were working at a construction site. The local worker was identified as Zohaib Nazeer. Earlier on May 2, at least one labourer was killed and three others, including two Chinese engineers, were injured in a ...

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Attabad Disaster

Gojal (upper Hunza), Pakistan – Is a scenic valley located in the middle of Central and South Asia. Being the largest magistracy of Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan, the valley is spread over a geographical area of more than 10, 000 sq km. More specifically, Gojal is a rendezvous among China, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Little Pamir of Afghan Badakhshan lies to its ...

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Dancing doll

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