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Gojal: The AKSJBG will train members of newly formed Nasir-e-Khisraw Pipe Band

Aga Khan Silver Jubilee Band Gulmit

By Qasim Ali The Aga Khan Silver Jubilee Band Gulmit (AKSJBG) will provide training to the newly started pipe band in Upper-Gojal, named Nasir-e-Khisraw Pipe Band. A team of the AKSJBG, which has over the years won dozens of accolades for its best performance, visited Sost on Monday to participate in the opening ceremony of the newly formed band. The ...

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Shigar: Outbreak of diarrhea leaves dead seven people

Gilgit baltistan map

Web Desk An outbreak of diarrhea in Shigar valley has left dead at least seven people, reports said. Another 150 people are said to be suffering from the disease and have reportedly been hospitalized. In the wake of rise in the cases of diarrhea, health officials have imposed a state of emergency in all public dispensaries and hospitals in the ...

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The drumbeat – A psychological analysis

Hunza local dance

By Didar Ali “One good thing about music is, when it hits you, you feel no pain” Bob Marley Music has remained a major source to express ones inner feelings; through instruments, composition, performance, art, fine art, sounds or silence. It has never been a confused or controversial phenomenon as its in today’s world, especially among religious and scientific school ...

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GB government cancels Shandur Polo Festival

Shandur Polo Festival

The government of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) has cancelled the famous Shandur Polo Festival this year in light of the damages caused by the recent flooding in the region, reports said. The decision follows all the holdups and considerations concerning the festival that has attracted thousands of foreign tourists to Chitral in the past. “This has been officially decided and the festival ...

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Water borne diseases on the rise in village Gulmit


By Nasab Saeed The number of people suffering from water borne diseases is on the rise among the population of village Gulmit, Gojal, a new study by young, local activists has revealed. More than 50 percent respondent households said one or more of their family members suffered from one or another form of water borne disease, such as sore throat, ...

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Severe power outage leaves village Gulmit (Gojal) in darkness

Power-outage55 (1)

By Zubair Ahmed Power shortage in village Gulmit (Gojal) has left a population of 3398 in the darkness. According to local sources, the issue of power shortage has been prevalent in the village from the last few years, but has multiplied manifolds over the last one year. A recent survey by a local support organization revealed that the people of ...

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Ustad Rehbar: The story of a librarian in Hunza

Ustad Rehber-Librarian in Hunza

HUNZA: Mohammed Rehbar is a teacher and a librarian in Hunza valley with an insatiable thirst for words. His love for learning made him collect old newspaper clips when he couldn’t afford the luxury of books. Apart from serving as a school teacher for 34 years, Rehbar is also responsible for setting up the first library in the area, and ...

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MYRO implements project ‘Digital Social Governance: Engaging Youth through Technology’


Mountain Youth Resource and Social Welfare Organization (MYRO) conducted a week long training workshop titled Digital Social Governance: Engaging Youth Through Technology, in Gulmit, Hunza. Twenty two young men and women, hailing from different villages of Gojal valley, were trained in identifying social issues and using cell phone cameras to capture and documents issues and events in their surrounding. The ...

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Short Film: Gilgit Express

Gilgit Express

This short film was produced by the students of the film and tv department of the National College of Arts, Lahore. The film is a story of two shoe shine boys who are living at the railway station of Lahore. They make all their effort to go to Gilgit to see lofty mountains. Share this:

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CNN report about Shandor polo festival

Shandur Polo Festival

Shandor polo festival is known for its unique, free style. The video is a short report by Awais Malik of PTV for CNN and produced by Naveed Anjum. Share this:

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