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An analysis on the future perspective on Election 2015 in Hunza by Tariq Rahim Baig

As the elections of 2015 in Gilgit Baltistan gets nearer the aspirants have speed up their political reconciliations. Some of the political representatives are trying to capture the public by exaggerating their political affiliations through social media.  It seems this time the public will provide tough time for the nominees of elections 2015 especially in Hunza Nagar District. Being an educated society tenant of Hunza shall remain neutral in terms of political affiliations keeping in views the public interests. If we could analyze the performance of the past Government in Hunza at one glance the picture is clear. Hunza remained in Disaster situation in the reign of the past Government, public remained neglected from their rights, there remained power crisis throughout the Government tenure, and coffins were taken into roads for protest against their rights. The situation remained quite tensed. During the past five years of Pakistan Peoples Party’s Government many protests made against the neglecting of the 25,000 population of Gojal Tehsil, many of them were fired with FIR and 11 of them jailed against the inflammatory speeches and destruction to Government missionaries in Aliabad the capital of Hunza.   On the other hand the Government also aided the people of Gojal Upper Hunza for three years consecutively contacting Government of China for food items on the basis of humanitarian assistance.

Let’s see the current scenario of the care taker cabinet designed by PMLN. Not a single representation from Hunza has been considered in the current care taker cabinet of GB assembly being the leading District in GB regarding literacy rate. How come people should vote for those who neglect the District? The aspirants will come to show solidarity with people till the end of election after being victorious no one will ask about the people’s status. Surely they will spend a luxurious life with protocols in big cities.

Now looking to the future perspective of the elections 2015 in Hunza youth should play their role in electing the fit candidate. In the past whatever has happened has gone by now people should think of new faces into the election. Being an educated society we should prefer to collective benefits regardless political affiliations or tribes. The election 2015 will be the historic one if the culture of bribery and favoritism. The unity among Hunza people will be a landmark to address the public’s interest if a new face arises in the upcoming election with mutual understanding. The old faces will try their best to grab the attention of the people by showing their fake visions and planning through social media. Beware of those political mafias who have done before and will do in future the same repeated process. Think deeply before you vote. Be united for unite Hunza regardless of tribes and lingual diversity. Before you vote keep in mind the following issues:

  • Electricity crisis in Hunza (Upper-Lower)
  • Land compensation to affectees of KKH rehabilitation project
  • Bribery and favoritism in Government jobs
  • Extra seat allocation for Hunza (Upper-Lower)
  • Demand of right from Government in Pak China economic corridor opening
  • New initiatives and opportunities for the youths
  • Vision to upgrade the education sector in Hunza (Upper-Lower)

Vote for betterment of the future of the public don’t waste your vote. You have the right to vote for the deserving person.

Tariq rahim baig is a writer belongs from Gojal, the Hunza valley. He can be reached at 

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